Michael Bryan Photography - Bartlesville, OK

Artist Statement

With photography, I am able capture and share with others moments or things of beauty that might otherwise have been missed.  My hope is that by seeing my art, it will inspire others to slow down to notice beauty in their world that they did not take the time to see before.  It might be the way light falls upon heads of wheat, or a person’s face illuminated with pride in their heritage, or color reflecting off the surface of a stream in fall.  Ultimately, I hope that the viewer’s world will be enriched by seeing through my lens and that it will help them to find their own lens.

An education in engineering and biology has enabled me to see the incredible design in nature around us. I am driven to capture such examples to share with others.  My desire is that my photography will reflect well the beauty and design in the things that God has made.

The human eye is far superior to the finest camera in its ability to see a large range of light.  For instance, the eye is capable of seeing detail in bright areas of a sunset while seeing details in shadows at the same time. The best camera cannot duplicate this with a single shot.  In order to enhance my ability to capture realistic lighting of subjects, I sometimes use a technique called high dynamic range photography, where under and over exposed images are blended together to capture a larger range of light.

Some might consider my efforts to capture photos extreme, like waiting up until 2:00 AM for a meteor shower or braving sub-zero wind chill to capture sculpted wind carved snow on the prairie.  However, it brings me great pleasure when the moment I’m waiting for is captured, and I am able to share it with others.  I hope that my art inspires you to see more of your world than you saw before. 

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